BLU​BOX​ ​Takeout​ consists of an anodized aluminium framework with black aluminium composite Dibond sheet cladding and black aluminium trim. The black high-density nylon top is a hardwearing, easy to clean surface.
The unit is operated and goods go in on the one side and taken out on the other side once items have been sterilized for 60 seconds.
BLU​BOX​ ​Takeout​ was designed to operate with two separately activated slots for fast & efficient sterilization, with top and bottom UVC germicidal lamps for full exposure.
The ​BLU​BOX​ ​Takeout​ unit was developed for the food industry to ensure safe and sterile food packaging to any concerned customers. Keeping your customers well being top of mind.
*Not limited to pizza takeout boxes, the unit has been designed to accommodate common takeout food packaging.
UVC light for the food industry
UVC sterilization for restaurants