Our largest unit thus far (watch this space) is constructed using a aluminium framework clad in aluminium Dibond panels. Metallic finishes ensure minimal wear and tear associated with acrylics and plastics, which quickly degrade under UVC light.
The corporate unit uses 30W, Philips produced UVC lamp fittings, which produce ample output to ensure extremely effective sanitization in under 60 seconds.
The corporate unit is large and can easily accommodate larger items sent to corporate offices via couriers, staff, and so on.
Doors on both sides enable items to go in one side and out the other.
Applications would include company reception areas that receive deliveries from couriers, disinfection of laptops, keys, masks, and other smaller items. BLUBOX Office is also ideal for disinfecting items brought in by external visitors to your premises.
The corporate unit comes with an optional dividing “sneeze” screen to ensure minimising of contact between sender and receiver.
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