about us

Born from personal experiences relating to the COVID19 pandemic, BLUBOX UVC PRODUCTS (PTY) LTD was formed to make life easier and safer.

The initial concept came about by the incredibly laborious process one needs to undertake to ensure all goods entering ones home and workplace are 100% free of COVID19. Usually that process would involve a time-consuming washing or sterilizing procedure that can take hours of ones time. There had to be a better way!

Research suggested UVC light was an extremely effective mechanism to neutralise a wide range of pathogens and not just COVID19.

By utilising the skillsets of the BLUBOX team we were then able to combine an existing and easily available technology with our skills at design and manufacture. The end result being the first 3 editions in our product range.

Plans are underway for additional units that can service different sectors of the potential market from consumer needs right up to industrial scale requirements.

All of our units are locally produced and manufactured in South Africa, which will enable employment and opportunity as well as assisting a long supply chain to develop and grow alongside BLUBOX.


BLUBOX_OFFICE_UVC sterilization
BLUBOX OFFICE UVC Disinfection UVC sterilization
BLUBOX JUNIOR_UVC sterilization